IAMQC Daily offers a centralized review of all QC data from all laboratories and instruments powering management of inter and intra-lab performance. This flexible platform allows reporting of all types of control materials from a range of laboratories.


Product Description

IAMQC Daily is a comprehensive Internal Quality Control software that applies Westgard and/or any user-defined QC rules to individual QC results. The software automatically builds interactive Levey-Jennings charts and tables and provides summary and detailed customised reports to the end user. IAMQC Daily integrates with Microsoft Excel to produce customised electronic reports. The system also allows the import of pre-defined templates, resulting in instant system setups. Users can create audit trails, action logs and summary reports at the click of a button.

IAMQC Daily comprises a centralised program that facilitates the analysis of multiple QC materials, across numerous departments in a laboratory setting. The system can also be integrated with IAMQC Peer to satisfy both Internal and External QC requirements.

IAMQC Daily offers a centralised review of all QC data from all laboratories/instruments. Central administrator access facilitates managers to review QC performance at multiple facilities – no need to visit each laboratory site. Closer monitoring of QC from remote locations without additional costs provides a flexible option for managing the inter and intra-lab performance.

The software works on an ‘open’ platform that allows the end user to add all types of control material from a range of laboratories.

Both IAMQC Daily and Expert can run using an internet OR intranet connection. Each PC license allows the user to manage an unlimited number of departments, control materials (not limited to Technopath materials) and instruments. An unlimited number of user logins can be added to the system at any stage. An administrator module can also manage user logins, customising the functionality that is available to each user. All data can also be filtered using the same logic to apply a user-friendly atmosphere and save time scrolling through data.


  • Works with multiple sites, departments, instruments, tests and levels
  • Facilitates Standards approvals such as ISO 15189 requirements
  • Increases confidence in your laboratory performance prior to proficiency survey events
  • User-Friendly set up and navigation with easy to read reports and tables
  • Centralised data management to review and recognise process efficiency opportunities
  • Automatic data submission using our menu of interfacing options
  • Cloud based system for ease of implementation and management


  • Westgard and/or any user defined QC rules applied to individual QC results. Works with quantitative and qualitative results.
  • Interactive Levy Jennings Report charts and tables with summary or detailed custom end user reports
  • Superimpose instruments easily on screen to compare performance by test and lot over time
  • Custom Rules Sets can be set and applied by laboratory, by instrument, by test and lot with flexible run length and approval protocols
  • Customisable Reports in MS Excel e.g. to compare by test, instrument, lot, assigned values against observed values and QC flags raised
  • Audit trail support with technologist and supervisor review and sign-off capabilities. Action logs and summary reports at click of button
  • Powerful reporting and charting capabilities. Imports pre-defined templates for instant system set-ups


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