Interlaboratory Peer programs are powered by IAMQC Peer cloud based software. Analytical processes between laboratories and peer groups with the same lot number are compared with simple reports and sophisticated trouble shooting tools help to drive accuracy and precision in laboratory performance.


Product Description

IAMQC Peer is an innovative, real-time, Peer Comparison Software. Technopath’s web based system facilitates laboratories testing the same lot number of control material to access valuable information from their colleagues through peer comparison. The reports that are generated in IAMQC Peer compare the accuracy and precision of analytical processes between laboratories and peer groups. This information can be extremely valuable, indicating the user’s performance relative to their peer group and also providing powerful troubleshooting tools when attempting to resolve potential problems.

To participate in IAMQC Peer, each individual laboratory submits their individual results or summary statistics (mean, standard deviation, and number of data points) to the central database maintained by Technopath. Laboratories data may be submitted manually on-line or, alternatively, captured by one of our many interfacing options.

The information provided by IAMQC Peer can be used on a monthly basis to evaluate how well lab’s methods are operating, relative to the overall peer group. Users can also look at this peer data in real-time, interactive, tables online, when they are investigating a potential problem with accuracy or precision for an individual method.


  • Instant Peer data comparison from multiple instruments and locations
  • Facilitates Standards approvals such as ISO 15189 requirements
  • Increases confidence in your laboratory performance prior to proficiency survey events
  • User-Friendly set up and navigation with easy to read reports and tables
  • Centralised data management to review and recognise process efficiency opportunities
  • Automatic data submission using our menu of interfacing options
  • Cloud based system for ease of implementation and management


  • Peer Group Report, Test by test listing of statistics for your lab and peer group across all instruments
  • Levy Jennings Report displays individual daily QC means for the selected month for the specific analyte
  • SDI and CVI monthly by lot to date including mean and SD for each test and control level. Analyse longer term trends.
  • Youden Plot reports internal lab performance against the test system peer and method principle peer
  • Exceptions Report indicates SDI, CVE and TE that differ from peer group and flags outliers > +-3 SDs from Lab or Peer means. Tests with discrepant data outside test limits flagged
  • Measurement of Uncertainty Report  indicates if results are adequate for intended purpose and ascertain if consistent with other similar or previous results
  • Sigma-metric Report provides a sigma score for every assay having automatically calculated imprecision and bias given Total Allowable Error. Includes a normalised method decision chart displaying all assays
  • Bias Report It displays each instruments Mean, SD, %CV and N of tests for the selected month, along with the SDi, CVi and %Bias comparison with the world peer and affiliate groups


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