Multichem IA Speciality

Multichem IA Speciality Quality Control provides tri-level utility. Its proprietary formulation mimics the performance of patient samples and targets key medical decision levels of BNP, PTH, ACTH, PCT and CT.

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Multichem IA Speciality

Technopath Multichem IA Speciality Immunoassay Controls are intended for use as third party, tri- level, liquid stable, multi-analyte quality control materials to monitor the precision of laboratory testing procedures for Immunoassay Assays. Multichem IA Speciality Immunoassay Controls are designed to complement Multichem IA and Multichem IA Plus Immunoassay Controls by offering significantly increased stability for BNP, PTH and ACTH. In addition to these analytes, Multichem IA Speciality Controls also contains and provides tri level utility for Procalcitonin and Calcitonin.

Multichem IA Speciality Immunoassay Controls are designed as tri-level, liquid stable frozen products. These products will typically be run after reagent calibration and at a frequency dictated by laboratory QC procedures and reagent / instrument manufacturer instructions. The products should be treated the same as patient specimens and run in accordance with the instructions accompanying the instrument, kit or reagent being used. The controls should be stored at -20°C to –80°C and thawed as per IFU prior to use. The products should be stored at 2 to 8°C between use.


  • Satisfies regulatory guidelines for use of third party controls
  • Enhanced stability for labile analytes
  • Assess the precision of the assays listed
  • Concentrations targeted at clinically relevant values
  • Long shelf life extends lot availability
  • Track product performance with IAMQC

Features :

  • Frozen, Liquid stable, tri-level control
  • 7 days open vial stability once thawed and stored at 2 to 8 degrees Celcius
  • 36 months shelf life once stored at -20 to -80°C degrees
  • Third party independent quality control
  • Optimised and assayed for multiple leading IVD instruments
  • Human based materials used as part of manufacturing process
  • Mimics performance of commutable patient samples


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