Multichem S Plus (Barcoded for Alinity c Systems)

Increase laboratory efficiencies with barcoded QC – Reduce handling time, reclaim storage space, reduce lot evaluation time, reduce packaging waste, reduce dead-volume waste with Multichem S Plus – consolidated third-party clinical chemistry QC material. This third party control material is available from your local Abbott Diagnostics office.

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Product Description

Technopath Clinical diagnostics is the exclusive manufacturer of onboard third party qc materials for the Abbott Alinity platforms. Multichem S Plus (Barcoded for Alinity c Systems) is the only multianalyte chemistry control available on the market that can be stored onboard the Alinity c. Multichem S Plus Control is intended for use as a third party, multi-constituent quality control material to monitor the precision of laboratory testing procedures for Chemistry Assays.  It incorporates serum chemistry, immunology, lipid, TDM , enzymes and esoterics.

Multichem S Plus contains 105 analytes including the addition of C-Reactive Protein and Rheumatoid Factor at clinically relevant concentrations. NOTE: This is the main difference between Multichem S Plus and our other ‘regular’ Multichem S product, i.e that CRP and RF are added to the Multichem S Plus product only. Also includes Chemistry, Esoterics, Immunoproteins, Enzymes, Lipids, and Therapeutic Drugs.

Multichem S Plus is designed as a tri-level, liquid stable frozen product. This product will typically be run after reagent calibration and at a frequency dictated by laboratory QC procedures and reagent / instrument manufacturer instructions. The product should be treated the same as patient specimens and run in accordance with the instructions accompanying the instrument, kit or reagent being used. The control should be stored at -20°C to –80°C and thawed as per IFU prior to use. The product should be stored at 2 to 8°C between use.


  • On-board storage on the Alinity system in temperature controlled reagent carousel
  • Automatically run at user-defined intervals
  • Barcoded vials make loading faster and easier – minimizing errors
  • On-board stability is monitored by the Alinity system software


  • Frozen liquid stable, tri-level control
  • 10 days open vial stability once thawed and stored at 2 to 8 degrees
  • 28 months shelf life once stored at -20 to -80°C  degrees
  • 5 day onboard stability
  • Third party independent quality control


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